Chris Fiore, Documentary Feature, New York, NY, USA

Saturday Oct. 2nd, 9pm
Puzzles on W. 12th St. beside the Sideshow
Ticket are $6.00 and go on sale 30 minutes prior to showtime.

Trip and Go Naked is an obscene film. It is defiantly, deleriously and joyously obscene. Trip falls squarley into that time honored tradition of independent cinema everywhere; the breaking of sexual barriers and taboo's. Where else will you see a woman blow fireballs out of her vagina? Where else will you witness a man masturbating with broken glass?

Trip and Go Naked documents a transgressive variety show that took place in the dead of night over the course of a sweltering New York summer. Shot in the East Village's famous Pyramid Club, the film chronicles the efforts of the indomitable Mistress Otter and her band of performers as they constantly up the pain and perversity ante in an escalating series of emotionally intense and dangerous actions.