Saturday Oct. 7th, 2006 - 9pm
Coney Island Museum, 1208 Surf Ave. @ W. 12th St. Tickets are $6.00.



Jonathan Yudis, South Pasadena CA USA, Feature 01:24:00

Sex. Death. Freedom.

These three ingredients combine to create an orgiastic homage to the outrageous -- perhaps the most outrageous movie ever to be committed to celluloid -- Pervert! A modern cult classic, Pervert was lovingly shot as an homage to the work of the late great Russ Meyer and is a cinematic ode and update to his filmic style.

A college student spends the summer at his father’s remote desert ranch in hopes of repairing their estranged relationship. When the eccentric rancher’s young girlfriend is murdered, the son suspects his father has become a psychotic madman. But he doubts his own suspicions after a series of unexplainable incidents. Who is the Pervert? Little does the young man know that the real killer lurks just under his nose!

Pervert is the shocking story of salacious scandal. An experimental explosion of mental mayhem. A titillating travesty. A comedy of epic proportions equal only to those of its actresses. A bloodbath brimming with very big bubbles. A cautionary tale lacking in caution yet abundant in tail.

This feature film will be preceded by:

The Threat From Behind
Soren Bailey & Mitchell Bisschop, Brooklyn NY USA, Short 00:10:30
Sex, drugs, and rock and roll -- minus the rock and roll.