Coney Island Film Festival

Sunday, September 28, 2008 - 6pm
Sideshows by the Seashore, 1208 Surf Ave. Ground Floor

Advance sale has ended for this program. Purchase tickets at the venue. Coney Island USA Gift Shop/Box Office, 1208 Surf Ave. Tickets are $6 (cash only). 718-372-5159

Hell Bent On It
Josh Smith, Brooklyn NY, USA. Music Video, 3:32

World Premiere!

Music Video for the group Juneteenth.

Outside Agitator
Morgan Miller, Brooklyn NY, USA. Animated Short, 4:00

The film chronicles one day in the life of a social activist as he tries to get his message across to the public on a busy street corner on the upper west side of Manhattan.

Hot Stains
Shalom Gorewitz, New York NY, USA. Experimental, 3:08

Hot Stains are places on earth that have run out of clean water. I mixed images recorded at the Coney Island Aquarium, in Brooklyn, and other places and used CNN-like text crawl to present a number of alarming statements about the current water crisis in the US and around the world.

David Franklin, Brooklyn NY, USA. Narrative Short, 13:10

New York Premiere!

Two strangers wake up in bed together. What begins as an awkward morning-after conversation becomes something more, as two New Yorkers navigate the post-9/11 emotional landscape.

The Trouble With Summer
Brian Wimer, Charlottesville, VA, USA. Narrative Short, 7:15

New York Premiere!

A silent romance. Trevor, the average every-guy. Summer, his beautiful starlet girlfriend. Everything seems rosy, but something is troubling Summer. Is it Trevor's fear of commitment? Or the fact that she's ten inches tall and made of plastic? Never fear. Love conquers all ... plus accessories.

Just One Of The Gynos
Tripper Clancy, Santa Monica CA, USA. Narrative Short, 15:01

New York Premiere!

A comedy about a young gynecologist who becomes overexposed to the female anatomy and loses the ability to view his wife sexually. Starring Brandon Olive, Kasey Wilson, Creed Bratton ('The Office'), Kyle Gass (Tenacious D) and Carol Potter ('Beverly Hills, 90210').

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Jeff Lycett, New York NY, USA. Narrative Short, 7:17

New York Premiere!

Based on true events, “Denim” humorously explores the great indignities people will go through to get laid. Jim meets Alice for drinks in a bar. Thinking he’s met his dream girl, the night quickly dissolves into a story about a particular pair of jeans in order to get Alice into bed. "Denim" stars PJ DeBoy ("Shortbus" dir. John Cameron Mitchell) and Rob Devaney ("Redacted", dir. Brian De Palma).

Dress Code
Mark Cabaroy, Jamaica NY, USA. Narrative Short, 7:15

The story of a young woman who one day gives a homeless person a larger than usual donation with hilarious if not disastrous results, forcing the audience to ask 'is it truly better to give than to receive?'

William Klein - "Out Of Necessity"
Douglas Sloan, New York NY, USA. Documentary Short, 7:43

William Klein is an artist, photographer, filmmaker who rarely grants interviews. Klein was born in NYC in 1928, moved to Paris at a young age and still calls Paris home. He studied with Fernand Leger, worked for Vogue, made a documentary film on Muhammad Ali but is probably most well known for pushing photographic technique to it’s limits. His groundbreaking book Life is Good for You in New York (1956) became a legend for its radical photography. Klein’s photographs have been exhibited throughout the world. This film provides rare insight into Klein’s images. The film was commissioned by the International Center of Photography museum.

Helen's First Date in Two Years
Matthew Mendelson, Brooklyn, NY, USA. Narrative Short, 7:04

Helen is on her first date in years when a forgotten lover from her past comes back to reclaim her. Painful memories keep them apart but inevitably draw them back to one another. Helen must overcome her fears of the past before she can forgive and possibly return to a love that began one early morning on the shore near Coney Island.

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Sodom By The Sea
Johnny Salvatore, Astoria, NY, USA. Narrative Short, 18:43

World Premiere!

Billy, 60's, is a Coney Island old timer, thinking about selling his historic carousel ride as redevelopment hits the world famous amusement area. He's down on his luck until meeting two young, flirtatious girls who suddenly befriend him. Do these two sexy sirens have ulterior motives?

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