Coney Island Film Festival

Saturday, September 27, 2008 - 1pm
Coney Island Museum, 1208 Surf Ave. 2nd floor

Advance sale has ended for this program. Purchase tickets at the venue. Coney Island USA Gift Shop/Box Office, 1208 Surf Ave. Tickets are $6 (cash only). 718-372-5159

Luna Park

Yuliya Vinokur, Brooklyn NY, USA. Animation, 2:49

“Luna Park” is approximately 2 and a half-minute non-narrative 3D animated piece. The setting takes place in an imaginary old amusement park during off-season. It is inhibited by various creatures. Flat planes are used as backgrounds so to create an atmosphere that existed in small time vaudeville theaters of the early 20th century.

Bird Strikes

Chris Cassidy, Brooklyn NY, USA, Documentary Short, 6:39

When technology and nature collide Bob Leporati uses the ancient art of falconry to clear the runways of JFK Airport.

Brooklyn Baseball

Robert Cassidy, Wantagh NY, USA. Documentary Short, 8:05

World Premiere!

From Bums to Cyclones:
This documentary short examines the two professional baseball teams to reside in Brooklyn - The Dodgers and The Cylones. In the film, we look at the impact the team had on Brooklyn and how the special relationship between the players and the fans.

Mermaids of New York: The Brooklyn Babydoll

Ilise "The Lady Aye" Carter & Mica Scalin, New York NY, USA. Documentary Short, 8:07

World Premiere!

Pamela Sparacino is 'World Famous in Brooklyn.' As pinup model 'The Brooklyn Babydoll' her fame and notoriety actually extends way beyond New York's most populous borough, but her true passion lies squarely on the shores of Coney Island, where she's an enthusiastic participant in the annual Mermaid Parade.

Carlos Catani

Marcos Meconi, Brooklyn NY, USA. Experimental (subtitled) - 15:30

World Premiere!

Carlos Catani likes alliterated names, taking long train rides and standing on street corners, but he does not feel comfortable at the beach because the sun burns his skin. He is also married to a woman named Margarita Morteo Muñoz. What do you think about his life? Can you help him get over his introspective stage?

Official Website

Virgins of New York
Katina Sossiadis, Bethlehem PA, USA. Documentary Short - 21:42

New York Premiere!

A woman filmmaker, who lost her virginity at a late age, goes on a pursuit to find other women who have abstained from sex. In the pursuit she finds an interesting subject, Deb, a modern dancer who does not believe in the idea of marriage. She follows Deb for seven years documenting her life as a virgin.

Carny Girl

Erin FitzGerald, Vallejo CA, USA. Documentary Short, 25:20

World Premiere!

Carny Girl is the story of four generations of carnival women, fom the old school carnival of runaways and girlie shows, to the modern "amusement park on wheels" with rules and regulations most carnies never could have imagined. Using archival footage and personal interviews, Carny Girl illuminates a world where deception and showmanship are a way of life; where carnival families stick to their own kind and, like families everywhere, ultimately want more for their children than they had for themselves.

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