Coney Island Film Festival

Saturday, September 27, 2008 - 5pm
Coney Island Museum, 1208 Surf Ave. 2nd floor

Advance sale has ended for this program. Purchase tickets at the venue. Coney Island USA Gift Shop/Box Office, 1208 Surf Ave. Tickets are $6 (cash only). 718-372-5159

Around The World in 90 Seconds
William Nunez, Elizabeth NJ, USA. Narrative Short, 5:04

New York Premiere!

Two television news anchors (Pat Kiernan, NY 1, Ali Velshi, CNN) go out for a nice lunch. When they realize they have to hurry and get back to New York City in time for the show, they take a most unusual method of transportation.

Age Old Story
David Kramer, New York NY, USA. Silent Film, 15:24

David Kramer uses his life long experience as a New York Artist to create this silent film. It is the story of two artists whose lives are forever altered by luck. one good and one bad. A humorous B/W silent film, complete with sets and props and wardrobe that bring you right back to the days of Keaton and Chaplin, with a story that is current and contemporary -yet, oh- so familar.

Three Minute Culture
Henning Christiansen, Hamberg, Germany. Experimental/Music Video, 9:40

An experimental music video shot in Coney Island, New York, in the Summer of 2000, on Super8 film. Black and white footage of empty streets and boardwalks on grey days in early autmn are put into contrast with the colorful scenery of lively summer days. The title 'Three minute culture', which is the name of the song provided by the band Boulderdash, refers to the compulsion created by the music industry to produce short and easily consumable music tracks. With a length of 7:26 minutes, the track refuses to obey these rules.

One Little Step
Nicholas Economides, Tallahassee FL, USA. Silent Film, 6:06

World Premiere!

A heartfelt comedy about a Mime and a Clown, two social outcasts, trying to face their fate.

Watching The Sun, 1 Wish
Veronika Belianina, Toronto On, Canada. Animation, 5:35

World Premiere!

In a dark world of an ugly doll, its only wish is to be with a mother.

The Long Goodbye
Angelia Sciulli, Cleveland OH, USA. Experimental, 7:21

World Premiere!

The Long Goodbye is an experimental, art film about old amusement parks from the past coming back to life one last time. The film is set in Northeast Ohio and shows what is left today of Crystal Beach, Chippewa Lake, Euclid Beach and Geauga Lake, four parks that at one time did exist, but are now forever lost. The Long Goodbye, shot on 16mm, combines black and white and color film to show the contrast between the vibrant life of the parks during their heyday and the decrepit ruins of today. The images and music together create a story that expresses a deep feeling and emotion towards the past and the present.

Counting Waves
Eric Maryea, Flushing NY, USA. Narrative Short, 13:21

New York Premiere!

A man wakes up one morning, knowing he is the last one breathing. The world has become desolate. With no future in sight, the last man on earth travels to where he dreamed of, New York City.

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Robert Moore, New York NY, USA. Narrative Short, 23:42

World Premiere!

A young marine (Santiago) returns home from the battlefront to enjoy a brief liberty spell but discovers that returning to civilian life is tougher than his war experiences. To top it off, Santiago must win back the love of his estranged son Noe. Things get complicated when Santiago falls in love with a young woman from the neighborhood, the result could mean distancing himself from his son forever. Santiago knows that time is running out before he has to return to the battlefront and he must choose between the love of a woman or keeping his family together or risk losing them forever...


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