Coney Island Film Festival

Saturday, September 24, 2011 - 1pm
Coney Island Museum, 1208 Surf Ave. 2nd Floor

Tickets are sold out! Thank You!


Diane Crespo, NY, Short, 10:00, Brooklyn Premiere!

As a young man in his Italian working class neighborhood in Brooklyn, Skate discovered his special gift -- to skate better than anyone he knew! But being good at the sport didn't cut ice with his friends until Skate became an Olympic ice-skating champion. After his success, Skate becomes a local hero, who aims to help others have a better life. Among those he befriends is Johnny, who takes care of his sick mother on disability. The teen is skeptical, doubts who Skate says he is, but by example, Skate proves that the world holds surprises Johnny couldn't imagine. Tony Sirico (the acclaimed 'Paulie Walnuts' on The Sopranos) plays Skate with a compassionate, yet no-nonsense, 'what are you gonna do about it' attitude.

Somebody's Hero

Darin Beckstead, New York, NY , Feature, 81:00, New York Premiere!

An average New York accountant tries to fill the boots of a movie-based superhero.

In this heartwarming family comedy, Dennis Sullivan, an average New York accountant (Christopher Gorham - COVERT AFFAIRS, UGLY BETTY), is assigned to work with the lovely widow Katie Wells (Susan Misner - GOSSIP GIRL) and her young son, Jake (Benjamin Hyland), a kid obsessed with a TV superhero known as Man America. With Jake in mind, Dennis visits a costume shop dressing room, where he listens in on an interrupting robbery. Now dressed as Man America, Dennis leaps into action and clumsily boots the thief from the store. After footage from the security cameras hits the airwaves, a media frenzy erupts, stirring New Yorkers to ask -Who is Man America? and -When will he be back? Now Dennis must win the love of the unknowing widow and her son, while playing hero for everyone else... despite his lack of superpowers.

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