Coney Island Film Festival

Sunday, September 25, 2011 - 4:00pm
Sideshows by the Seashore, 1208 Surf Ave. Ground floor

This program has sold out!

The Hush
Brooke Sebold, New York, NY, Music Video, 3:55

Music video for 'The Hush' by The Spring Standards.

Surfer's Way
Lindsey Megrue, Brooklyn NY, Documentary Short, 9:37,
Brooklyn Premiere!

Surfer's Way, a short documentary, explores the healing power of surfing for disabled children. The film follows two young surfers with special needs as they ride their first waves in Long Beach, New York with the help of instructor Elliot Zuckerman and his volunteer staff.


Michael Roberts, New York, NY, Animation, 5:50


In Rumbleseat, a man wakes to find himself riding in the back of a demonic hot-rod driven by a group of mysterious ghouls who force him to examine the events that led him to this strange and unfamiliar world.

Just Noodlin
April James, Patchogue NY, Short, 4:48, World Premiere!

"Just Noodlin" the weekly adventures of Bobby and Clyde, two extraordinary characters from the South who travel throughout the U.S. fishing with their hands in lakes, rivers, and oceans for the rarest big game fish on this heer planet.

Sam Thonis, Brooklyn NY, Short, 8:50, World Premiere!

A day in the life of Michael, a nervous, confused, and constipated 10-year-old.


Mercury in Tuna
Kristen Lauth Shaeffer, Pittsburgh, PA, Short, 9:45, New York Premiere!

Avery Sutton lives a life that is governed by her fears. When a stranger asks for help, she ignores him, but begins to question her choices.


The Day That We Got Married
Simone Smith, UK, Music Video, 3:34, World Premiere!


This music video will take you on a whimsical journey as a hopeful young couple meet, fall in love and get married. But too much spinning and drinking at the wedding party makes things become blurry for the groom. Like a lot of marriages - love, hope and laughter soon turns into blood, sweat and tears.

Ronan and Alyssa are about to break up.
Adam Bertocci, Bronxville, NY, Short, 4:11

One idle Sunday a happy couple decided to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. They may have gone a bridge too far.


Ashley Zahorian, Virginia, Silent Film, 4:58, New York Premiere!

This is the story of Anna, a young woman in the 20's who gives up everything she has to become a flapper. But when life isn't what she expected can she ever go back to the husband she left? Can he ever forgive her?

Tommy's Pumpkin
Alex Halpern, New York NY, Short, 9:18, World Premiere!

Tommy, a little boy, lives in a Norman Rockwellesque community populated by a collection of real and imagined tormentors, who are driving him crazy. His only defense is to retreat into his imagination where, with the help of a fairy nymph, he gleefully dispatches his enemies. But his victory is hollow. He loses a vital part of himself - his innocence.

Hansel and Gretel
Hee Sun Kim, Ridgefield, NJ, Animation, 3:10


Hansel and Gretel (retold) is a re-interpretation of the original fairy tale story by Grimm brothers. The film keeps the childlike quality of the original with a touch of darkness. It is stylistically illustrated with humorous characters, beautiful scenery and a surprise ending.

Death of a Popstar
Greg Loser, New York, NY, Short, 14:30, Brooklyn Premiere!

Inspired by the circumstances surrounding the death of Michael Jackson, 'Death of a Pop Star' imagines the final moments of a music superstar's life.

As he navigates a once opulent mansion toward a consequential encounter, Dr. Harris Fischer (Bern Cohen, 'Holy Rollers') reveals his motivations to be both selfish and faithful, naive and pragmatic, in a film that finds equal parts eccentricity and banality in an unfamiliar world.

A Nigerian housekeeper, a breezy chef, an agent to the formerly fabulous and a misguided spiritualist form the bruised entourage of a music superstar in 'Death of a Pop Star,' director Greg Loser's short film about the unrelenting inertia of celebrity life.

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