Coney Island Film Festival

Saturday, September 24, 2011 - 2pm
Sideshows By The Seashore, 1208 Surf Ave. Ground floor

Tickets are sold out. Thank you!

Floyd The Android

Jonathan Lyons, San Rafael, CA,. Animation, 4:00, Brooklyn Premiere!


Floyd the Android is an animated robot who gets into crazy situations, but always manages a clever escape. The project is actually two very short films combined to give a broader view of his world. In 'iPorter' he plays with a novelty teleporter, and gets thoroughly beside himself. In 'Dim Bulb' he attempts to change the light bulb at the very top of the highest skyscraper on earth. When he falls, his only hope is a 30 foot tall rubber chicken.

Guard Dog Global Jam

Bill Plympton, New York NY, USA, Animation, 5:17, Brooklyn Premiere!

In 2005, Bill Plympton created the Oscar nominated animated short, 'Guard Dog', about a pug dog who imagines every flora and fauna is out to kill his beloved master. In 2010, he decided to remake the film via the internet, with 70 artists from around the world, with different levels of expertise, recreating each shot of the film in their own style.

Place Stamp Here

Joy Vaccese, Noelle Melody, Astoria NY, Animation, 4:30

This is a story about a girl and a medium-sized black dog. Through their travels and experiences, they give away little pieces of themselves but collect, in return, those myriad elements that become their new, but still somehow perfect selves. They are never quite the same as when they started. Then again, neither is the world.

Delilah, Before

Melanie Schiele, Brooklyn NY, Short, 9:24, Brooklyn Premiere!

"Delilah, Before" is a short dramatic narrative exploring the complexity of family bonds. Delilah, a young Singaporean woman recovering from a rebellious past and teenage pregnancy, struggles to confront her embittered mother, Corrine, over reassuming custody of her 2-year old daughter. The hardships of the parental transition are poignantly explored as the women share a profound love for the child amidst the tenuous relationship that exists between them.


Jayme Morales, Brooklyn, NY, Short, 10:00, World Premiere!


A graduate English student struggles with both his memory and imagination as he daydreams in class.

Amos Posner, New York, NY, Short, 5:51, Brooklyn Premiere!


A woman gets dumped by her boyfriend in a restaurant, and she thinks her life is over; for the other diners, that just might be true.

Three Things

Matthew Amenta, Brooklyn, NY, Short, 16:06, World Premiere!

A nostalgic afternoon on a lake in New Jersey becomes serious when two friends are presented with the consequences of their own selfishness.

Last Words of the Holy Ghost

Ben Sharony , NY, Short, 19:35, New York City Premiere!

Besotted with the precocious and sexy ROSE, 14 year old HAROLD agrees to be re-baptized in her church and speak in tongues in order to win a date with her. He gets the date, but things don't go as well as he had hoped. A bittersweet coming-of-age story.

Aurora Borealis

Matt H. Mayes, Santa Monica, Ca., Short, 12:30, New York City Premiere!


A man visits his mother in a nursing home when a shift of light reveals the spaces between and inside them.

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