Coney Island Film Festival

Saturday, September 24, 2011 - 6pm
Sideshows by the Seashore, 1208 Surf Ave. Ground Floor

Tickets are $6. Buy Tickets at the Coney Island USA Gift Shop at 1208 Surf Avenue, Saturday 9/24 from 12pm - 6pm. All ticket sales are non refundable.

Devil Town
Victoria Cook , Brooklyn, NY. Animation, 3:00

A girl plummets to Hell and challenges the Devil into a duel in this action-packed animated music video for soulful Portland folk band "The Builders and the Butchers".

Hesta Prynn "Can We Go Wrong"
Randy Scott Slavin, New York NY, Music Video, 3:30, New York Premiere!


Hesta Prynn takes a trip through Central Park.

Brett Bell, Regina, SA, Canada, Experimental, 2:32, U.S. Premiere!

Climb is the story of a mountain climber struggling to reach his summit, a distant downtown at the end of a road that appears to be a sheer vertical face due to the world seemingly being turned on its side. He finally arrives at his destination, only to be met with a new challenge...

Radio Girl (Underground Melody)
Ronni Thomas, Brooklyn, NY, Experimental, 3:30, Brooklyn Premiere!


A live action throwback to classic cartoons with a dark and surreal twist. Set to the music of The Real Tuesday Weld.

Kevin D. Lonano, Staten Island NY, Short, 11:02, Brooklyn Premiere!

The Psycho-Fugue Circus executes one of their own for murdering the Headline act.

Holes for Eyes
Chad Laird, Brooklyn NY, Short, 8:26, World Premiere!

Five people have taken shelter from an unspecified catastrophe that continues unabated outside their sanctuary. As hopelessness and paranoia set in, they resort to food sculpture, dance routines and other absurdities.

A Fable about Beauty
John Barnard, Winnipeg, MB, Canada. Short, 10:46, New York Premiere!

A poetic tale about two losers who learn that hot people can't be trusted.

Good Taste
Greg Hanson, Brooklyn, NY,. Short, 10:05, New York Premiere!

An obsessed record collector suspects his neighbor has stolen his new prized record and will do whatever it takes to get it back.

The Dinner Meeting
Antony Webb, Perth, WA, Australia, Short, 15:00, Brooklyn Premiere!

Dennis believes Natalie is The One. Natalie believes Dennis is useless. These feelings are brutally unmasked at the quaint and exclusive restaurant Eternity.

Brennan Parks, Los Angeles, CA, Short. 7:17

Emergency Medical Technicians Kevin and Leslie are about to learn that some patients would rather stay dead.

What Remains
Sarita Khurana, Chitra Ganesh, Brooklyn, NY, Experimental, 13:51


A woman returns to her childhood home only to rediscover her unsettling past.
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