Coney Island Film Festival - Coney Island Films

Sunday, September 23, 2012- 6pm
Sideshows By The Seashore, 1208 Surf Ave.
Ground floor

Tickets are $7 at the box office.

All ticket sales are non-refundable.

I dream of Genie II: the nightmare
Jeremy Rocklin, New York NY, Short, 9:00, World Premiere!


In this sequel to last year's Coney Island Film Festival selection "I Dream of Genie", "I Dream of Genie 2: The Nightmare" travels once again into the psychedelic dreamscape that is Coney Island in the summertime, but this time the dream descends into nightmare chaos as our hero searches for his lost underwear. Featuring Rob Anderson, Loco, and Nati Amos of Sideshows by the Seashore.

The Left Hook
Thomas Bond, New York NY, Short, 21:52, World Premiere!

A young runaway finds herself in a hospital of sorts, unsure of her purpose there. As she tries to trigger any useful memory, fantasies of joining a traveling carnival, with her as the starring attraction, begin to consume her. But where and when does fantasy end?

The Wheels
Jack Kyser, New York, NY, Short, 10:17, Brooklyn Premiere!


The Wheels is a portrait of the relationship between an alcoholic father, John, and his seventeen year-old son, Harry. After picking up Harry an hour late and thereby throwing off their father-son plans for the day, John takes Harry to a Coney Island amusement park as a last-minute alternative...

The Longest Saturday of the Year
Jim McDonnell, Brooklyn NY, Documentary Short, 14:40


'The Longest Saturday of the Year' is a visual montage of the Saturday following the Summer Solstice at Coney Island (which also coincides with the annual Mermaid Parade). The goal of the film is to show the progression of the day and its events.

Jimmy's Rant
Lou Dembrow, New York NY, Documentary Short, 4:00, World Premiere!


Christmas Eve 2008 FOR RENT signs have suddenly appeared all over the boardwalk businesses. The threat of condos and shopping malls is real. Jimmy Prince has spent 60 years of his life at Majors Meats, on Mermaid Avenue. He is a beloved and well respected elder statesman of the community, and a passionate believer that Coney Island must remain the PEOPLE'S PLAYGROUND! Hear Jimmy Prince RANT against this latest cruel blow to Coney Island.

The Wonder Wheel
Lou Dembrow, New York, NY, Documentary Short, 18:00


The Wonder Wheel, a New York City landmark since 1989. Take a behind the scenes look at the efforts to preserve and honor the past while charging into the future with green innovations. Denos D. Vourderis bought the Wonder Wheel in 1983.

With the help of his wife Lula, sons and daughters, he built Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement and Kiddee Park. Today, 2012, the Vourderis family continues to own and operate the park, keeping their father's dream alive.

Gotta Love Coney Island
Jay Singer, Brooklyn, NY, Experimental, 10:00, World Premiere!


Based on an original concept by Scott Fitlin and Jay Singer. Filmed entirely in Coney Island! A celebration of Coney Island, past , present, and future!

Mission of Mermaids
Susan Cohn Rockefeller, New York, NY, Documentary Short, 15:00


Mission of Mermaids is about the current state of the ocean. Ms. Rockefeller takes a radically personal approach in the film, based on her deep love and concern for the seas. She invokes a mythical and spiritual connection, using the metaphor of the mermaid, as well as describing dire facts: ocean acidification, over-fishing, and pollution.

This personal approach offers a powerful way to open a dialogue about changing the human relationship to the sea, knitting our past reverence for the natural world with our understanding of the urgent need to change course. Also present in the film are many ocean stewards, artists and activists who advocate change and educate the public on making choices in their daily lives to improve the health of the ocean.

Out To Sea
Jodie Rae Plaut, Brooklyn, NY, Animation, 3:47


Brooklyn-based songwriter/animator Jodie Rae Plaut, along with her band, Delusions of Grand Street (D.O.G.S.), have set out to pay homage to her adolescent and present day stomping ground, Coney Island. 'Out to Sea' is a charming and nostalgic claymation music video and a heartfelt tribute to the old Coney Island New Yorkers have always loved.

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