Coney Island Film Festival

Saturday, September 22, 2012 - 2pm
Sideshows By The Seashore, 1208 Surf Ave. Ground floor

Tickets are $7 at the box office.

All tickets sales are non-refundable.

Double or Nothing

Nathaniel Krause, Los Angeles, CA,. Short, 10:26, Brooklyn Premiere!


Clark and Becca leave a bar after a night out with friends. When a homeless man approaches them on the street, Clark gets an idea. Adam Brody, Louisa Krause and Keith David star in this dark comedy by master playwright Neil LaBute.

Life is What Happens…

Shadd Sutton, Brooklyn NY, USA, Short, 9:30, World Premiere!

'Life is What Happens...' is a story about Sean and Emily, a couple celebrating their two year anniversary.

Staten Island Siren

Judah-Lev Dickstein, Brooklyn NY, Short, 11:04

While hunting for treasure a lonely beach-comber falls for a mysterious woman by the sea. In an instant she disappears, and through searching for her he learns that he must look within himself for a way to reunite with his true love.

Life Etude

Nami Sugiuchi, Chiba, Japan, Short, 16:07, World Premiere!

A struggling musician Elwood accidentally meets a teenage girl Caroline, who spends her 17th birthday alone. She believes that she is abandoned by her father. Elwood tries to ease her by playing his music, 'Life Etude' - the music representing his life philosophy.

While Henry Sleeps

Craig Butta, Brooklyn, NY, Short, 14:00


A paranoid look into the fear and apprehension of young man who has recently become a father. The film explores his erotic and sometimes surreal fantasies of his bread winning wife and the anger and frustration that builds as he comes to term with putting down his guitar and becoming a stay at home dad.

Blue Sheep Suit

Kevin Lonano, Staten Island, NY, Short, 14:00

Late in the election year, a burned out journalist attempts to pull out a story, out of the front runner for the presidency. What he finds is a story more horrible, than he could have ever imagined.


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