Coney Island Film Festival

Saturday, September 22, 2012 - 7pm
Coney Island Museum, 1208 Surf Ave. 2nd floor

Tickets are SOLD OUT. Thank You.

All tickets sales are non-refundable.

There’s a Dead Crow Outside
Morgan Miller, Brooklyn, NY, Animation, 1:00


There's a Dead Crow outside. The flies are buzzing, and the raccoon is hungry.

Mike Stuttman, NY, Animation, 5:29

AmLeftCrap is an animated collage constructed out of comic art, code-generated samples and assorted digital ephemera that is informed by both monumental and seemingly insignificant events in the world around us. The short film is a fragmented narrative set in a deprecated urban world populated by gritty, ink stained characters - where the banality of day-to-day existence is juxtaposed with an onslaught of media hyperactivity that shows no distinction between the news of the world, spring training and advertisements for things you need but don't want.

Old Man
Leah Shore, Brooklyn, NY, Animation, 5:00


For more then 20 years Charles Manson has refused to communicate to the outside world. Until now.

Brett Underhill, Brooklyn, NY, USA. Animation, 4:40

In a cold, bleak field there lies a lonely scarecrow. But he won't be alone for long...

Alligator Man
Jamie Skidmore, Newfoundland, Canada, Music Video, 4:10

Alligator Man is a satirical look at the sideshow.

The Longshoreman's Doctor
Matthew Silver, Brooklyn, NY, Music Video, 6:11


The Sullied Accolades are thrown together in an alternate reality while under the influence of an evil Voodoo Doctor. The characters must overcome the obstacles he presents in order to unite and break free from his control. By overcoming these obstacles, they are able to choose their own fate. The Voodoo Doctor is rendered powerless as the musicians harness their own magic.

Bang Bang Love
Joseph Eisenstein, Brooklyn, NY, Music Video, 4:52, World Premiere!


Bang Bang Love is tongue and cheek social commentary on the liberal media's obsessive coverage of celebrity death.

Victor Lazaro, New York, NY, Short, 5:06


A girl walks through the woods, pulled forward by the promise of something waiting for her just around the bend. She is drawn to a clearing, a sluice between two ponds. Alone and uninhibited, she becomes entranced by the water. Her primal instincts take over as she loses herself in the gravity of the moment. Told through movement, 'Animal' explores the visceral and challenges the imagination.

Speed of Fencing
Holly Buechel, New York, NY, Experimental, 3:00, Brooklyn Premiere!


Behind the bullet, the tip of a fencing blade is the second fastest-moving object in Olympic sports. 'Speed of Fencing' captures the grace and movements of New York's top epee fencers. In epee, the play between defending and attacking the whole body as target creates an intricate game of space and distance. Using high-speed photography, spectators will be able to see some of the fastest actions in all of sport for the first time.

This is Only a Test
Bill Sorice, New York, NY, Experimental, 8:50, New York Premiere!


A tale of a Girl's surrealistic journey encountering varied tests during the different stages of her life. 'It's Pink Floyd The Wall meets a Calvin Klein AD'.

The Ridiculous Romantic
Jim R. Moore, Brooklyn, NY, Silent Film, 12:02, Brooklyn Premiere!


A character seeks romance through an online dating service and is served with the 'bait and switch' scam. Eventually finding the 'right one' by chance. Comedy silent film style.

Anthony Violante, Cliffside Park, NJ, Silent Film, 4:20, World Premiere!


Two young men shuffle around town looking for a bite to eat and a place to sleep.

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