Coney Island Film Festival

Sunday, September 22, 2013 - 3pm
Coney Island Museum, 1208 Surf Ave. Second floor
Please Note: This venue is not wheelchair accessible.

Tickets are $7. Purchase at the door.

Advance ticket purchase strongly recommended. There are no extra service fees to purchase in advance. All tickets sales are non-refundable.

NOTE: No tickets will be mailed no matter what shipping method you choose, they are available at Will Call, on the day of the screening.

Prior to and immediately after Bending Steel, we will have live Strongman demonstrations from three of the films stars, Chris Schoeck, Chris Rider and Adam Realman!

The Jules Verne Project
Lisa Stock, New York, NY, Short, 8:08, New York City Premiere!

A short fantasy film: The Blair Witch Project meets Lord of the Flies meets Laurel and Hardy meets Jules Verne! A story of shipwreck, bravery, and the dire consequences of alienating your best friends. Take a Strongman, a Castaway, and a Lady with a parasol - strand them on a desert island with a mysterious tentacle and watch their true colors come to light - all to surprising hilarity!

Bending Steel
Dave Carroll, Brooklyn, NY, Documentary Feature, 93:00

Bending Steel is an intimate journey exploring the lost art of the oldetime strongman and one man's struggle to overcome limitations of body and mind. The film follows Chris Schoeck as he attempts to become a professional strongman, from training in his small basement storage unit, to his very first performance on the big stage at New York's historic Coney Island.

Alongside his trainer Chris Rider, he meets living legends and heroes within the strongman community. The film bears witness to a tenacious man struggling to come out of his shell through the unique activity of bending steel. What results is an intimate and touching story of Chris' search for fulfillment and happiness, two things which seem just out of reach...

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