Coney Island Film Festival - The Horror

Saturday, September 21, 2013 - 8pm
Sideshows by the Seashore, 1208 Surf Ave. Ground Floor

Pre-Sale Sold Out. Limited number of tickets available at the door. $7

Advance ticket purchase strongly recommended. There are no extra service fees to purchase in advance. All tickets sales are non-refundable.

NOTE: No tickets will be mailed no matter what shipping method you choose, they are available at Will Call, on the day of the screening.

Scorned As She
Macho Miranda, Bronx, NY, Horror, 7:45, New York City Premiere!

A man murders his wife, leaving her in the backyard and quickly makes plans to run away with his mistress, unaware of the darkness that is awakening.

Ask Grandpa
Caleb Rugg, NY, Horror, 4:45, World Premiere!

A young boy asks his grandfather what happened to the family dog. Some things are better left unspoken.

Claire Ensslin, Astoria, NY, Horror, 6:33, World Premiere!

A young man struggles with an overwhelming urge to violate a little girl.

Welcome to Madness
Chris DePierro , Guttenberg, NJ, Horror, 12:00, World Premiere!

A Classic Horror Fan is seduced into a dark, nightmare world of Theatre that explores her own personal terrors. Where will this performance end? Is it Theatre, or something more sinister?

Carrying Place
Amy Grumbling, Megan Grumbling, Broooklyn, NY, Horror, 13:26, New York City Premiere!


In the a small township in rural Maine, an aging woman is plagued by a stranger demanding a blessing and a sacrifice. Inspired by actual events in Maine's history, 'Carrying Place' explores a quiet horror close to home.

Abyssus Abyssum Invocat
Wes Simpkins, Brooklyn, NY, Animation, 9:05, Brooklyn Premiere!


Abyssus Abyssum Invocat is a mash up of stop motion animation and live action puppetry. The film takes us through the trials, tribulations and the folly of determining the future (or the lack there of) a prisoner on death row. This process is carried out by a blind Prosecutor, a deaf Defense and a very fat Judge who sits in a very high chair.

From the Woods
Nicolas Wendl, Los Angeles, Ca, Horror, 25:36, Brooklyn Premiere!

A recently single mother must learn to let go of her fear and obsession about her abusive husband in order to save her son from the hands of a mysterious creature from the woods.

Lucille Hansen, Staten Island, NY, Horror. 20:40, New York City Premiere!

A young woman with a mysterious sleep condition is dragged into a hallucinatory journey to confront the past.

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