Coney Island Film Festival

Saturday, September 20, 2014 - 7pm
Coney Island Museum, 1208 Surf Ave. 2nd floor
Please Note: This venue is not wheelchair accessible.

Tickets are $8. SOLD OUT! Thank You.

Advance ticket purchase strongly recommended. There are no extra service fees to purchase in advance. All tickets sales are non-refundable.

NOTE: No tickets will be mailed no matter what shipping method you choose, they are available at Will Call, on the day of the screening.

Aerial NYC
Randy Scott Slavin, New York, NY, Music Video, 2:05, World Premiere!


An aerial view of NYC shot with a Quadcopter.

Anthony Sylvester (Visual), Katakresis (Audio), New York, NY, Experimental, 4:11, Brooklyn Premiere!

SUBTUNES is an underground voyage through NYC subway system. The song is composed entirely of samples from the subways, their stations, and their commuters by musical collaborator, Katakresis, and synced with matching visuals by Anthony Sylvester.

The Next Stop
Peter Meng, Tinton Falls, NJ, Experimental, 4:30, Brooklyn Premiere!


You're traveling through the subways of New York. A journey into a labyrinth whose passages are that of imagination where underground artwork comes to life.

That's the station up ahead - your next stop is ...

Sex at Dawn
Anya Elnikova, Brooklyn, NY, Music Video, 4:54, New York City Premiere!

Set to the song 'Sex at Dawn,' by Spiral Jetty Club, a beautiful woman obsessed with getting married escapes from a mental ward with other women, only to find humans have evolved into a different species - not interested in marriage whatsoever. Determined to find her betrothed, she resorts to desperate tactics as she plans her wedding, including getting a makeover, stealing, lying and bribery.

Bullet Time - Music Video
Niall Madden, Astoria, NY, Music Video, 4:31

An homage to retro NYC styles and plots, this music video was made with no budget and done for the song Bullet Time, by NYC based band Stereo Off.

Tiny, Biting, Festering Nervous Tic
Christopher Beer, Brooklyn, NY, Music Video, 3:00, Brooklyn Premiere!


A sorority straight out of The Craft turns an afternoon in the woods into the Blair Witch Project as if David Lynch sat in the director’s seat.

Korn - Never Never
Giovanni Bucci, Netherlands, Music Video, 3:44


Directed by Dutch-Italian filmmaker Giovanni Bucci - Never Never tackles the old theme of love gone bad through the unexpected perspective of time.

Vamp Bikers Music Video
Eric Spade Rivas, New York, NY, Music Video, 7:00, World Premiere!


A joint Venture between Diamond Minds Films and Windows of Hip Hop (which represent the Pioneer Legends of Hip Hop) into a music video tribute soundtrack to Vamp Bikers Dos (Part 2) in the works. Grandmaster Melle Mel, (White Lines , The Message)  Grandmaster Caz (Ghost Writer to Rappers Delight's Hank verse and Mentor to many) Grand Wizard Theodore (DJ and the Inventor of the Scratch) and Grand Puba (Bran Nubian) come together in a legendary explosion of talent in this new music video. You will also see your Diamond Minds films team on hand with the legends and other talented folks from Coney.

Eye to I
Mo Zapata, Woodhaven, NY, Short, 7:45, World Premiere!


When you talk about your love...WHO DO YOU SEE?

Love in the City
Emanuele Michetti, Astoria, NY, Experimental, 4:20, Brooklyn Premiere!


In a big city where everything moves too fast and everyone is too busy, there is no time to relax. How can relationships evolve?

The 9 Month Pinch (Grindhouse Cut)
Michael T. Flynn, Chicago, Il, Short, 11:00, World Premiere!


Inspired by titillating burlesque reels, 1940s sex hygienic films, and early exploitation cinema, The 9-Month Pinch follows cabaret dancer Bedelia as she realizes she's with child and is deserted by her mysterious lover. To conceal her deadly secret, Bedelia decides she'll need quite a pinch to get through, and month-by-month she binds her corset tighter. That is, until nine months later she meets the demon she's created.

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