Coney Island Film Festival

Sunday, September 20, 2015 - 1pm
Coney Island Museum, 1208 Surf Ave. 2nd Floor
Please Note: This venue is not wheelchair accessible.

Tickets are $8. Purchase at the box office (cash or credit) Friday 9/18, 6pm - 10:00pm, Saturday 9/19, 12pm - 10:30pm, Sunday 9/20, 12pm - 1pm.

All tickets sales are non-refundable. Some subject matter may be innapropriate for children.

Christi Bertelsen, Brooklyn, NY, Animation, 1:31

This is my life every morning.

An Ape Walk Into a Bar: A True Story
Eric Maierson, Brooklyn, NY, Animation, 1:05, New York City Premiere!

An ape talks about a Freudian dream with his therapist giraffe.

In the Moog
Robert Lyons, NY, Animation/MusicVideo, 3:30, New York City Premiere!

This is rotoscoped animation created from a 16mm print of a music video produced when I was a boy by my father's company "Record on Film" back in 1969. The original video was based on a medley of electronic music performed by Richard Hyman on a Moog synthesizer.

The Ballad of Holland Island House
Lynn Tomlinson, Owings Mills, MD, Animation, 4:20, New York City Premiere!

Animated clay paintings tell the true story of the last house on a sinking island in the Chesapeake Bay. In an Old-Time Music ballad, the house sings of its life and the creatures it has sheltered during its journey from tree, to timber, to home, to its ultimate return to nature. It contemplates time, environmental change, and the rise of the seas.

Give Luci
Mary Nittolo, New York, NY, Animation, 2:49

The Solar Justice Movement was started by MPOWERD to provide solar-powered light to people living in energy poverty. This animation sheds light on energy poverty in an animated video that follows a young boy named Kiama's journey to and from school. The pro-bono project entitled “Give Luci” ends with the message “no one’s story should end just because the sun sets” and encourages viewers to give a Luci to households like Kiama’s, This modest investment can be life altering for communities in need.

The Alphabetical Adventures of Zelda Zingaro
Sue Rees, Bennington, VT, Animation, 14:42, New York City Premiere!

The Alphabetical Adventures of Zelda Zingaro is a fable, a tall story, a gypsy dream. Alexandra, a little girl from the suburbs, ends up in the care of Zelda Zingaro, the Gypsy Queen, as her parents go off to the opera. Zelda takes her on fantastic adventures through the heart of New York City and down to the bottom of the sea-- teaching her the alphabet as they go along. A is for Ambulance! S is for Squid Doom!

Mick Cusimano, Cambridge, MA, Animation, 2:01

Beats in 1959.

I have to Poop
Wally Chung, New York, NY, Animation, 1:23, New York City Premiere!

A man has to relieve himself.

My Kingdom
Debra Solomon, New York, NY, Animation, 4:04

An animated, musical, not-so-meditative meditation on the nature of personal space...

Jim Vagabond No. 7: Stuff Your Eyes
Mike Stuttman, Westport, CT , Animation, 2:35, World Premiere!

RAID: A Redundant Array of Inexpensive Devices. 451: The minimum nodes required for an impregnable array.

RAID.451 is an interactive comic anthology that chronicles the escapades of a clandestine group of digital archivists. R451 agents are replaceable, iterative elements of a self-sustaining offline data archive that is free from network interference and censorship.

The story is told through a series of animated vignettes, prose and other assorted digital ephemera. Episode No. 7: Stuff Your Eyes is an homage to Ray Bradbury, an early inspiration of the digital archivist who toil anonymously through the bowels of the city..

Beauty Sacrifice
Shannon Lee, Long Island City, NY, Animation, 2:47

In the mysterious night, a stone-faced beauty glares at the shadows. She knows she’s the fairest of them all. But down the hall: a rival lurks..

Fish Cake Zombie Sex
Norm Fassbender, Burnaby, British Columbia, Animation, 5:50, World Premiere!

Rantdog runs from his Zombie family with help of a mysterious crow.

Steven Lapcevic, Staten Island, NY, Animation, 5:30

A troubling courtship.

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