Coney Island Film Festival

Saturday, September 19, 2015 - 7pm
Coney Island Museum, 1208 Surf Ave. 2nd floor
Please Note: This venue is not wheelchair accessible.

Tickets are $8. Purchase at the box office (cash or credit) Friday 9/18, 6pm - 10:00pm, Saturday 9/19, 12pm - 7pm.

All tickets sales are non-refundable.

Anthony Sylvester, New York, NY, Experimental, 3:21, World Premiere!


Chaos and humanity. The New York story.

No One Here But Us Bones
Allan Piper, New York, NY, Music Video, 4:05, World Premiere!

A woman travels back in time to face her demons, ex-lovers, and a closet full of skeletons in this music video.

Charly Wenzel, NY, Experimental, 3:15, Brooklyn Premiere!


'Licht' is an experimental short dance film that speaks of a peaceful co-existence of all people, no matter their race, religious belief or sexual orientation. It symbolizes the importance of remaining hopeful and of continuing to strive towards a future that leaves no room for any kind of discrimination.

Big Lazy - Avenue X
Marco North, Moscow, Russia, Music Video, 4:21, World Premiere!

Music video shot in Brooklyn and Moscow.

Pas de Feu
Kathleen Green, Brooklyn, NY, Experimental, 6:33, World Premiere!

Pas de Feu is a short fire dance film, loosely based on the story of the classic ballet, La Sylphide. James is attending a festival in the woods, when a fire-dancing sylph, Sylvie finds him sleeping, and kisses him, but as he wakes up, she disappears. As night falls, James ditches his girlfriend to pursue the sylph, getting the attention of a local witch, who gives him a magic scarf to snare Sylvie. Once he catches her, James has to face the consequences of his choices.

Talkin' To A Pretty Blonde Girl
Scott Gordon Bleicher, Brooklyn, NY, Music Video, 5:24, New York City Premiere!


Talkin' To A Pretty Blonde Girl is a fascinating and private transformation, both physical and emotional, bookended by a bathroom mirror and a wholly different soul in contemplation, and to contemplate, on either end. It is a descent, and then a phoenix. It is Sunshine's story.

Race Up Race Down
Dean Winkler, New York, NY, Experimental, 4:04, World Premiere!


"Race Up Race Down" is an abstract meditation on global warming. 1980s style analog video layering created with modern desktop tools.

The Naked Heroes - Blue Medusa
Eric Phelan, Brooklyn, NY, Music Video, 2:58


Blue Medusa will do anything in her power to breath life back into her lovers heart. An unconventional love story.

Your Direction
Lauren Brady, NY, Music Video, 4:42


Love, loss and lunch. The premiere music video from San-Francisco based musical duo, 'The Boy Dahlia.'

"Hillside" by Lost Children
Richard Joneleit, Brooklyn, NY, Music Video, 5:30, New York City Premiere!


A young girl unexpectedly discovers hidden worlds.

BLOOD by Sidewalks and Skeletons
Christopher Michael Beer, Brooklyn, NY, Music Video, 2:20, New York City Premiere!


One eerie night at Coney Island, a girl has a stomach ache that requires a terrifying purge.

Asesinos Music Video
Alain Aguilar, New York, NY, Music Video, 3:22, World Premiere!


Asesinos is a heavy metal music video full of visual lyrical imagery and a message denouncing violence of all forms.

Double-Blind No.1
The Double-Blind Experiments, Australia, Experimental, 1:40, New York City Premiere!


No script, no storyboards, no concept art. Five VFX artists selected shots from raw footage, then worked independently to produce unique VFX shots, experimenting with different creative styles and techniques. The shots were edited together with the intention of producing a creative, visually interesting piece with no planned narrative.

Daniel Cherrin, Zev Aaron, New York, NY, Experimental, 6:20


A city symphony: New York on hand-processed 16mm set to an original score.

The Ocean
Michael Burlingame, New York, NY, Music Video, 3:27, World Premiere!


A young woman dreams of escape from a life of drudgery.

Peter J. Schwartz, Allston, MA, Music Video, 6:00, World Premiere!


From Thanatos through music, light and water to Eros.

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