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2014 Poster by Squindo!



Coney Island Film Festival named one of the "25 Coolest Film Festivals" and "25 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee" by MovieMaker Magazine!

"Without a doubt The Coney Island Film Festival has the greatest location in the world.  It also gives out the best trophy I've ever received." Darren Aronofsky (Director Black Swan, The Wrestler, Requiem for a Dream, Pi)

"The beach, the boardwalk, great stars, great movies, great filmmakers...the Coney Island Film Festival has everything that Cannes has, plus Nathan's hotdogs!" Barry Strugatz (Director The Transformation Writer: Married to the Mob)

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The 2009 Coney Island Film Festival was covered by MovieMaker Magazine.
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The 2008 Coney Island Film Festival was covered by MovieMaker Magazine.

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The 2007 Coney Island Film Festival was covered by MovieMaker Magazine.

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A must for any Coney lover! Six historic Coney Island short subjects on one tape or disc. From Edison films of 1903 to 1954's "Coney Island USA." Some of the very best historic Coney stuff you'll ever see. DVD-R $15.00 (includes shipping in the USA & Canada. Overseas please email us first for shipping rate.

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spacer and Coney Island USA Present:
The 15th Annual Coney Island Film Festival
September 18 - 20, 2015
At the legendary Sideshows By The Seashore and the
Coney Island Museum in the historic Brooklyn neighborhood Coney Island, New York!

All submitters have been notified. If you entered via Withoutabox and did not receive an email notification from their system (we were encountering errors from Withoutabox all day and evening), please log in for your notification status (which includes a note from us). Thank you to everyone who submitted this year!

Click here for a list of 2015 selected films (opens as a PDF file).

Schedule and advance ticketing coming soon!

Quotes from the 2014 filmmakers (and previous years) about our festival

See Photos from the 2014 Festival here.

2014 Best in Category:
Feature - Samuel's Game - Jared Outten
Documentary Feature - Famous Nathan - Lloyd Handwerker
Short - Down In Flames: The True Story of Tony "Volcano" Valenci - William J. Stribling
Documentary Short - The Birth and Death of the BTK Band - Amy Grumbling
Horror - The Heebie-Jeebies - Todd Slawsby
Experimental - The Next Stop - Peter Meng
Music Video - Vamp Bikers Music Video - Eric Spade Rivas
Animation - Fifi Va A La Plage - Kathryn Roake
"Made in Coney Island" - Thunderbolt - Jim McDonnell




1208 Surf Ave. Ground Floor

1208 Surf Ave. 2nd Floor
(please note: this venue is not wheelchair accessible)

FRI. SEPTEMBER 19, 2014    
Fri. 7:30pm - CI Museum


Opening Night Screening - $8
Going Attractions: The Definitive Story of the American Drive-in Movie 

Fri. 9:30pm - Sideshow

Opening Night Party - $25
at the Coney Island USA Freak Bar and Sideshows By The Seashore! Hosted by Adam Realman. Live Sideshow
and Burlesque 2 hour Open Bar (Beer and Wine) and Finger Food!


SAT. SEPTEMBER 20, 2014    


Sat. 1pm - CI Museum


Program 1 - $8
The Slip-Up
Operation Elephant Ears
Holy Shite
Tyco Parks the Car
You Good!
Sheltered Love

Sat. 2pm - Sideshow

Program 2 - $8
Juice It
Monsura is Waiting
Going Up?
Down in Flames: The True Story of Tony "Volcano" 
Mabel's Dressing Room


Sat. 3pm - CI Museum


Program 3 - $8
Looking for Johnny

Sat. 4pm - Sideshow

Program 4, CI Films $8
Conundrum Nine – Suzy's Rollercoaster
Global Warming
Except for Us
Coney Island Dreams
Little Trilogy
Circus Dreams
Forget Me
The Waves/Les Vagues


Sat. 5pm CI Museum


Program 5 - $8
Brooklyn Slice
Keep it Real Banksy NYC
The Birth and Death of the BTK Band

Sat. 6pm- Sideshow

Program 6 - $8
Famous Nathan


Sat. 7pm - Museum

Program 7 - Sold Out!
Aerial NYC
The Next Stop
Sex at Dawn
Bullet Time
Tiny, Biting, Festering Nervous Tic
Korn - Never Never
Vamp Bikers Music Video
Eye to I
Love in the City
The 9 Month Pinch (Grindhouse Cut)

Sat. 8pm - Sideshow
8pm - Party at the Eldorado Arcade!

Program 8 - The Horror $8
Welcome to Dignity Pastures
The First Step
Ticket to the Haunted Mansion
Playing with the Devil
Meat Cycle
The Heebie-Jeebies
A New Age
The Crawling Parasite
La Belle Grotesque

Saturday Night Party
At Eldorado Arcade, 1215 Bowery St. 
Free Admission! 8pm - 10:30pm, Sideshow,
Burlesque, Go Go, Lasers, Cash Bar, Hosted by Adam Realman!

Sat. 9pm - CI Museum


Program 9 - $8
Samuel's Game

Sat. 10:30pm - Sideshow

Program 10 Special Screening
The Warriors




SUN. SEPTEMBER 21, 2014    

Sun 1:00pm - CI Museum

Program 11 - $8 Adults, $5 Kids, Family Friendly Screening
Charlee and Jonas go to Coney Island

The Butcher's Key
Secret Decoder Ring
The Invaders
Hansel and Grethel

Sun. 2:00pm - Sideshow

Program 12 - $8
The Fisherman's Wife
Just Ask...
A Good Fish
Onion Boy
The Caddywhompus Years
The Dahl House
Trapped Girl 
Waiting for a Train


Sun. 3pm - CI Museum


Program 13 - $8
Twiller Parkour #2
Smart Chimp
Dreamers in the Dark
Drag Me
A Life with Asperger's
How to Avoid Annoying People
Bo The Cow
Dorian Green
Eye in Tuna Care
Beating Death
The Vermeers
Girl in Progress
Jesus is Moving Out

Sun. 4pm - Sideshow



Program 14 - $8
The Fly Must Die
The Man from the City
Man in the Trunk
Bodies In Irreversible Detriment 
Only Solomon Lee
Dreams of the Last Butterflies
Into the Dark


Sun. 5:00pm - CI Museum


Program 15 -$8

Sun. 6pm - Sideshow

Program 16, Coney Films,$8
The King of Merriment
Fifi Va A La Plage
Wet Side Story
Passage to Coney Island
Last Night in Astroland Redux
The Rocket Has Landed



Awards Ceremony: Eldorado Auto Skooter 1216 Surf Ave., 8:00pm


Coney Island Film Festival has been "Voted One of MovieMaker Magazine's Coolest Film Festivals in the World, 2013"!

2013 Photo Gallery

2012 Photo Gallery

2010 Honoree Darren Aronofsky!

Coney Island Film Festival named one of the
"25 Coolest Film Festivals" by MovieMaker Magazine!
Click here to read the article.


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